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We always try to be helpful, but we are NOT a "full-service" marina.


Here are some services that we offer our customers:


Haul-Out $150
with our hydraulic trailer and our truck
OR $25 your trailer with our truck

Put-In $100
with our hydraulic trailer and our truck
OR $25 your trailer with our truck

Mast stepping/unstepping $50
Each way up to 26' with hinged tabernacle

Mast stepping/unstepping $150
Each way with boom truck/hoist, max. 300 lb./30 ft. mast

Dry workspace rental $150/mo
OR $100/mo with paid up wet slip
(includes rental for up to 5 stands and access to water/electricity)

Rental of  extra stands $10/mo each

Hull pressure washing $3.00/ft
Temporarily suspended

Cutting off lock $25
(You can avoid this charge by leaving a well-labeled key or combination with us)

Inflating your trailer tires $15
(You can avoid this charge by keeping a can of "Fix-a-Flat" with you)

Draining cockpit or Pumping out water $25/hr (One hour minimum)
If we happen to see that your bow or stern is below water, we will investigate and drain/pump if necessary

Replacing Dock/Mooring/Spring Lines $25 each line

We will usually e-mail you or call you, so you can replace it yourself or give us permission to replace it.  If it is in immediate need of replacing for safety reasons or not done in a timely manner, we will replace it and send you a bill.

Rescue $100 for 1st hour and $50 each additional hour
(First time - no charge*)
If you are disabled or run aground west of the river bridge within sight of the marina
*You must have aboard fuel, life jackets, map in order to qualify and be able to call us at 256-572-4189 or 256-571-5747 or 256-293-2320

Heater and/or AC usage $2.00 per day
Minimal use* of electricity and water is free with a paid slip (*light bulb and battery charger)

Any other assistance from us: $15/hr ($15 minimum)

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